I'm Joanne

I'm Glad You're Here!

I've always had a passion for jewelry and truly believe that what you wear is who you are. And since jewelry does such a great job of reflecting your personality, it deserves to be the centerpiece. This passion inspired me to launch my collection in 2014.

Shoofly 505 represents my modern interpretation of vintage Southwestern style. The work synthesizes my lifelong passion for design, my fascination with sterling silver, vintage style, and attention to fine detail.

My vision with Shoofly 505 is to create one of kind and unique pieces, with the goal of creating jewelry that can transition well and be wardrobe staples, like a favorite pair of jeans or a trusted worn leather handbag. I strive to create pieces imbued with a sense of custom and bold individuality.

New Mexico TRUE Certified. Logo is property of NMTD
New Mexico TRUE Certified

Authentically hand crafted right here in New Mexico and certified by NMTD as a New Mexico TRUE business.

Inspired by Southwest Beauty

Beauty is all around us and especially vibrant in the Southwest, providing inspiration that stems from our cultural roots while offering a new modern flare in every sunset.

Designed with Passion

As a lifelong passion of mine, designing each piece of unique jewelry feeds my happy soul and allows me an opportunity to share this love with you.

Meticulously Crafted

By putting time and care into every design, I ensure that each piece of jewelry is ornately unique, authentic and crafted just for you.

Looking for Custom Jewelry?

I take requests!

Custom Work