'Santo Nino' Rosary

'Santo Nino' Rosary

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'Santo Nino' Rosary:

This rosary isn't just a religious accessory; it's a symbol of divine connection, meticulous craftsmanship, and the enduring beauty of sterling silver. Crafted with reverence and precision, each bead on this rosary becomes a bead of contemplation and prayer. The sterling silver accents add a touch of sacred elegance, creating a harmonious balance between religious tradition and timeless style.

Adorn yourself with the 'Santo Nino' Rosary, and let its sacred design become a personal statement of your faith. Whether you're attending a religious ceremony or finding solace in your daily prayers, this rosary effortlessly elevates your spiritual experience with a timeless and enchanting allure. Indulge in the brilliance of divine connection. Embrace the extraordinary beauty of the 'Santo Nino' Rosary.

36'' in length
Featuring 8mm - 12mm in corrugated Navajo Pearls and 12mm corrugated Rondelles with a joining 1 1/4'' Santo Nino coin in the center